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Turnkey warehouse system with STILL trucks for BASF France

Wed 27 Jan 2016

Egemin Automation has installed a fully automated storage and distribution system for the handling of pallets and boxes. The system optimizes the internal transport in the coatings plant at the Breuil-le-Sec, the main site of BASF in France. The system comprises a pallet warehouse with two automated STILL VNA trucks, a miniload warehouse and a conveyor system. Thanks to Egemin’s system all of the intralogistics flows are now fully automated and managed without human intervention. For BASF this means an important step forward in the field of safety.

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Egemin automates intralogistics at Total Oil Asia Pacific

Fri 22 Jan 2016

Egemin Automation has partially automated the internal transport of finished products in the new lubricant oil-blending plant of Total Oil Asia Pacific in Singapore. The newly built facility is the largest production site of the Total group in the world.

The oil giant now uses E'gv®s (Egemin Guided Vehicles) or automated guided vehicles to transfer pallets from the four filling lines in the production area to the distribution zone. This allows the plant in Singapore to work faster, safer and more efficiently. With the automation project Total aims to increase safety and processing capacity in the plant.

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Egemin hoists cranes in warehouse at Agristo

Tue 01 Dec 2015

Egemin Automation has embarked upon a new major phase in the construction of the new deepfreeze warehouse of Agristo in Nazareth, the installation of the automated stacker cranes. The day before yesterday, the last of the eight cranes was hoisted into the high-bay warehouse. The installation will be put into operation from the end of February in order to ensure the completion of the entire project, planned for late March 2016. Egemin installed the 23-tonne cranes in the eight crane aisles of the warehouse, which has 15 storage levels. The lifting operations required a great deal of precision because of the bad weather conditions of the last weeks, but also because of the size of the cranes.

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LogiMAT 2016

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Modex 2016

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