Master students Rik & Jeroen

What is it like to work at Egemin?

The experience of our two master students Rik and Jeroen.

As two master students Industrial Engineering Electro mechanics from the KU Leuven, we chose Dematic for our master thesis. Initially, we considered several options. We visited a couple of companies. At Egemin we got this very warm welcome and a very clear explanation. After meeting Egemin, we were 100% confident, we wanted to do our thesis there.

Our assignment

Half of July we started with an E’tow® study project. E’tow® one of the three core product solutions  at Egemin  is an in floor chain conveyor system used in cross-docking, distribution and production centers for the internal transport and sorting of goods.. For our assignment we had to study and improve the drive unit in the chain conveyor. The main requirements were the production process, the production itself but also the installation at the customer site, and maintenance of the system. We started with the conceptual engineering; design, etc. After a presentation we gave at Egemin we got green light to start with the production drawings. Our idea would be produced and tested! It goes without saying that this gave us a real satisfaction.

Did we mention the fact that Egemin has a great working atmosphere? Egemin has a fairly young team and there’s a loose and pleasant work atmosphere. It’s also a very open-minded company. If we encounter a problem for example, we can always turn to someone. As a starting employee the road is open, you have a lot of options and ways to grow. Egemin clearly doesn’t solely focus on the customers, but also on its personnel.